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UV cured Epoxy potting system - cure up to half inch in less than one-minute

Almost every business wishes they could cut operating costs and improve efficiencies without risking the quality of the products. At Crosslink, we strive to provide our customers with just that - improved efficiencies without risking the quality of the final product.

Reverse Engineering of large Bushing

Crosslink was recently tasked with reverse engineering a dated porcelain bushing in an aging transformer. Our customer based in Texas required the engineering design and manufacturing of a number of large epoxy transformer bushings and insulators – some weighing up to 150lbs per piece and ranging from 600 amps to 4500amps.

A conveyor belt is an essential part of any mining or quarrying operation. Having a belt rip or tear can have severe negative consequences to a company’s efficiency in production, especially when a small rip or tear turns into a large one, if not properly maintained or repaired.  

Although a full replacement of the belt would be ideal, it is not always the best solution from a financial and production stand-point. Being able to repair the belt in a timely and cost-efficient manner is often the better solution.

Utility Pole Maintenance - Repairs and Protection


How many linemen does it take to change a utility pole?


An even better question - although arguably less humorous - is: Why be put into a position of having to replace a utility pole in the first place?

Do you have a noisy transformer?
Despite our very best efforts, at times we find that the transformer we built exceeds the maximum noise specifications.

There are two major sources for transformer noise:

1. By far, the major cause of transformer noise is Magnetostriction.

Magnetostriction is the random movement of individual sheets within the stacked core. The individual sheets expand and contract, at different rates, as the core is magnetized. These extensions and contractions will occur twice during each complete cycle of the alternating current flowing through the coil.

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